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Actor, Singer, Performer
Little Buddy.mp3

Little Buddy

from Gilligan's Island The Musical

Little Buddy.mp3

Shaun played the Skipper on the first national tour of Gilligan's Island: The Musical.  Just as in the classic tv show, the castaways find themselves crashed on a deserted island with no way to contact the mainland for help. 'Little Buddy' opens the first act of the play, setting up the scene and developing the relaitonship between the skipper and gilligan.

Shaun originated the role of Chef pisghetti on the world premiere tour of  cugious george live!  During the show, Chef teaches Geroge how to make meatballs and is preparing for 'All You Can Eat Meatball Day' - which he cancles when the whole town starts going bonkers for a rival meatball maker across the street. He vows never to cook again.

Puttin On The Ritz.mp3

I-A So Sad

From Curious George Live!

Flipping The Bird

Mowhawk Flooring

Radio Shack

Second Hand Smoke

Dalton's Costumes


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from Thomas & Freinds Live!

Shaun played Sir Topham hatt, controller of the railway on the island of sodor.  The entire island is preparing for the tonight's latern festival - and one of the trains will given the job of pulling the Special Cargo car.  In this song, he explains to a cranky train named diesel that the announcement of that train will be a surprise at the festival later that night.